Apptivation. Mobile Deeplink Technology

AdTheorent's Apptivation mobile deeplink technology features the intelligence to detect and instantly launch a specified app on a user's mobile device. This allows brands and marketers to drive significant user interactivity with their own branded apps, social media apps, or iOS native functions such as Passbook, Calendar, Phone, Map and others.

Combat Drop-off Rates

App publishers and advertisers continue to invest significant resources promoting apps in an effort to drive new app downloads. However, industry data shows that approximately 90% of users who download a free app cease actively using the app within 30 days after initial app download. This serious "drop-off" problem threatens to undermine the efficacy investments in app promotion.

Bridge the Mobile Social Divide

As more and more smartphone and tablet apps integrate social sharing, brands have increased their integration of these apps into social campaigns. AdTheorent's Apptivation mobile deeplink technology helps brands seamlessly connect social-enabled apps within their broader mobile advertising campaigns, bypassing the log-in process the comes with driving users to the mobile web versions.

How it Works

AdTheorent's Apptivation mobile deeplinking tech drives in-app activity by detecting instantly whether a specified brand or social app is loaded on a user's mobile device, and then launching the app, even taking the user directly to a branded page. If the app is not yet installed, Apptivation directs the user to an alternate destination, such as the appropriate app store or another mobile page.

Deployment of an Apptivation URL has been proven to drive engagement for major brands, including use cases in which 90+% of mobile users who engaged with the Apptivation-powered URL interacted with the advertiser's app in some fashion.